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DateColSexSireDamDam SireComments
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10 Aug 2015BayFillyShamExpress New Age Rocka Fastnet Rock
12 Aug 2015BayFillyHigh Chaparral The Fed Alamosa
13 Aug 2015BayFillyRip Van Winkle Code Black O'Reilly
13 Aug 2015BayColtTheWayYouAre Theda Bara Volksraad
15 Aug 2015BayColtGuillotine Eftee One Volksraad
16 Aug 2015ChestnutColtRip Van Winkle Miss Ottey Flying Spur
17 Aug 2015BrownFillyGuillotine Pew King's Chapel
17 Aug 2015BayFillyShamExpress Stitchentyne Falkirk
20 Aug 2015BayFillyRip Van Winkle Skyewithdiamonds Hussonet
23 Aug 2015BayFillyShamExpress Burlesque Thorn Park
23 Aug 2015ChestnutColtOcean Park Aroon Volksraad
24 Aug 2015BrownFillyGuillotine Sharp Point Point Given
25 Aug 2015ChestnutFillyRip Van Winkle Galway Savabeel
26 Aug 2015BayColtTheWayYouAre Sola Gratia Black Minnaloushe
28 Aug 2015BrownFillyGuillotine Bliss Thorn Park
01 Sep 2015BrownFillyHigh Chaparral Meir Volksraad
02 Sep 2015BrownFillyO'Reilly Zambezi Zabeel
03 Sep 2015BayColtHigh Chaparral Applauding Pentire
03 Sep 2015BayFillySavabeel Chaparrone High Chaparral
04 Sep 2015BayColtAll Too Hard Positive Dream Encosta De Lago
05 Sep 2015BrownColtDenman Panama Traditionally
06 Sep 2015BayColtTheWayYouAre Severa Montjeu
07 Sep 2015BayColtShocking Walsburgs Dream Pentire
07 Sep 2015BayColtCape Blanco Imbudo Danehill
08 Sep 2015ChestnutFillyCape Blanco Cape Rose Cape Cross
09 Sep 2015BrownColtO'Reilly Giant Mystique Giant's Causeway
09 Sep 2015ChestnutColtRip Van Winkle Prix Du Sang Red Ransom
10 Sep 2015ChestnutColtRip Van Winkle Raadisi Volksraad
10 Sep 2015BayFillyGuillotine Frivolous Black Minnaloushe
11 Sep 2015BrownFillyGuillotine Bizz Volksraad