Foals 2013
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DateColSexSireDamDam SireComments
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04 Aug 2013ChestnutFillyThorn Park Klassicpins Pins
10 Aug 2013BayColtPour Moi Code Black O'Reilly
14 Aug 2013Grey/BayColtGuillotine Melora/King's Chapel 08 King's Chapel
15 Aug 2013BayFillyHigh Chaparral Cape City Flyer Volksraad
17 Aug 2013BayFillyPour Moi Lily L'Amour Volksraad
18 Aug 2013ChestnutFillyRip Van Winkle Eftee One Volksraad
19 Aug 2013BayColtTheWayYouAre Niniane Casual Lies
20 Aug 2013BayColtPour Moi Sympathy Show A Heart
22 Aug 2013BayFillyFalkirk Santeria Johar
22 Aug 2013BayFillyFalkirk Grace Park Danske
25 Aug 2013BayFillyFalkirk Kyrenia High Chaparral
25 Aug 2013BayColtHigh Chaparral New Age Rocka Fastnet Rock
25 Aug 2013BayFillyRip Van Winkle Raadisi Volksraad
26 Aug 2013BayFillyPour Moi Connie Be Good Commands
27 Aug 2013BayColtDarci Brahma Lava Lady Kenmare
27 Aug 2013BayColtShocking Tiz Kate Black Minnaloushe
28 Aug 2013Bay/BrownColtThorn Park This Time Rodney Casual Lies
29 Aug 2013BayColtSavabeel Plaza Doree Saumarez
30 Aug 2013BayFillyChoisir Courtney Montjeu
30 Aug 2013BayColtFalkirk High Clarity High Chaparral
30 Aug 2013Bay/GreyColtGuillotine Kissy Mullins Volksraad
31 Aug 2013ChestnutFillyFalkirk Tribute Thorn Park
31 Aug 2013BayColtZacinto Monjarni Montjeu
31 Aug 2013BayColtMastercraftsman Mydiamond Bracelet Al Akbar
01 Sep 2013ChestnutColtThorn Park Queen Of Avalon Montjeu
01 Sep 2013BayFillyMastercraftsman Severa Montjeu
02 Sep 2013ChestnutFillyMastercraftsman Monte Karlo Montjeu
03 Sep 2013BayFillyShowcasing Fibber Casual Lies
04 Sep 2013BayColtTheWayYouAre Accompli Anabaa
04 Sep 2013BayColtHigh Chaparral Keep Thinking Faltaat