2017 Foals

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DateColSexSireDamDam SireComments
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15 Oct 2017BayColtMongolian Khan Emlajay Johar
15 Oct 2017BayColtMongolian Khan Herberina Street Cry
15 Oct 2017BayColtMongolian Khan Katinka Redoute's Choice
15 Oct 2017BayColtMongolian Khan Trustam Stratum
15 Oct 2017BayFillyMongolian Khan Tereshkina Red Ransom
16 Oct 2017BayColtShamExpress Wonderful Mak No Excuse Needed
16 Oct 2017BayColtOcean Park In The Rain High Chaperral
16 Oct 2017BayColtMongolian Khan Galileo Queen Thorn Park
17 Oct 2017BayColtShamExpress Style Is Eternal Montjeu
17 Oct 2017BayFillyCharm Spirit Potions Encosta De Lago
17 Oct 2017BayFillyPower Carrie Danasinga
18 Oct 2017BrownFillyShamoline Warrior Ishara Yar Starcraft
19 Oct 2017BayColtFalkirk Marzeri Marju
19 Oct 2017BayFillyShooting To Win Lalonde Fastnet Rock
19 Oct 2017BrownFillyMongolian Khan Oak Park More Than Ready
19 Oct 2017BayFillyMongolian Khan Applauding Pentire
19 Oct 2017BayFillyCharm Spirit Keepher Close Keeper
20 Oct 2017Bay/BrownColtRip Van Winkle Veronica Hall Volksraad
21 Oct 2017BayColtZacinto Hugandakiss Falkirk
21 Oct 2017Bay/BrownFillyShamExpress Joue Le Jeu Montjeu
21 Oct 2017BayColtPour Moi Priorities Zabeel
21 Oct 2017BayFillyShamExpress Sahara Desert Desert King
21 Oct 2017BayFillySuper Easy Finishing School Royal Academy
21 Oct 2017BayColtShamExpress Cohiba Falkirk
22 Oct 2017BayFillyShamExpress Eagle's Reach More Than Ready
22 Oct 2017BayFillyMongolian Khan Ethical High Chaperral
22 Oct 2017BayFillyShamExpress Sola Gratia Black Minnaloushe
22 Oct 2017BayColtMongolian Khan Spray Entrepreneur
22 Oct 2017BayColtMongolian Khan Starguru Ishiguru
23 Oct 2017BayFillyShamExpress Condover King's Chapel