2017 Foals

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DateColSexSireDamDam SireComments
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13 Sep 2017BayColtShamExpress Skirmish Le Bec Fin
13 Sep 2017BayColtFast Dragon Baralo'Kash Kashani
13 Sep 2017BayFillyZacinto Clown Princess Anabaa
13 Sep 2017BayColtShamExpress Time For A Kip ShamExpress
13 Sep 2017BayFillyMongolian Khan Amazing Sky Danroad
14 Sep 2017BayFillyPentire Biscuit High Chaparral
14 Sep 2017BayColtMongolian Khan Permanent Lonhro
14 Sep 2017BayFillyCharm Spirit Snippins Pins
15 Sep 2017Bay/BrownFillyShowcasing Supreme Falkirk
16 Sep 2017BayColtMongolian Khan Lecanda Pins
16 Sep 2017BayFillyRip Van Winkle Ava Montjeu
17 Sep 2017BrownColtMongolian Khan Chocolat Align
17 Sep 2017Bay/BrownFillyMongolian Khan Ha'penny Pentire
18 Sep 2017BayFillyCharm Spirit Reigning Dynasty Mastercraftsman
18 Sep 2017BayFillyRip Van Winkle Coventina High Chaparral
19 Sep 2017BayColtRip Van Winkle Dumont Mastercraftsman
19 Sep 2017BayColtOcean Park Krysia Elvstroem
19 Sep 2017BayFillyCharm Spirit Cristal High Chaparral
20 Sep 2017BayFillyHallowed Crown Chazelle Bazelle
20 Sep 2017BayFillyShamExpress Hardassah Exceed And Excel
20 Sep 2017BayFillyAtlante Whoopsie Iffraaj
21 Sep 2017BayFillyCharm Spirit Dame Claire Danehill Dancer
21 Sep 2017BayColtMongolian Khan Dolce Bella Postponed
23 Sep 2017BayColtCharm Spirit Code Black O'Reilly
23 Sep 2017BayFillyCharm Spirit Black Beauty Black Minnaloushe
23 Sep 2017BayColtMongolian Khan Penaka Pentire
24 Sep 2017ChestnutFillyFalkirk Kashann Kashani
24 Sep 2017BayColtOnceuponatime Melaka Marju
25 Sep 2017BayColtFabulous Paper Doll Shinko King
25 Sep 2017BayFillyMongolian Khan Vitruvian Lady Manduro